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OD&D has sometimes a Teac tape recorder in stock, When we do you will find them here in our vintage Teac recorder store on the vintage store of OD&D. 

History of Teac:

The first produced Teac tape recorder was in 1957 and the model was TD-102. TEAC was founded by two brothers "Katsuma and Tomoma Tani" The brand Teac was founded in 1956 and stands for "Tokyo Electric Acoustic Company" With a stunning amount of 60.000 Yen "A bank clerk salary was 15.000 Yen" the TD-102 was expensive for its time where vinyl was the standard of the day.

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Teac A3300-10 reel to reel recorder


Working/condition: Powers up and works. 
Missing or damage: Minor usage marks. 
Pictures: See pictures for the cosmetic condition of this lot
Buying terms: Sold as is!