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AKG - C 562 - Boundary Layer Microphone (No.2)
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AKG - C 562 - Boundary Layer Microphone

C562 CM - Hemi-spherical

A 'professional,flush-mount, boundary microphone', designed for permanent, 'invisible' mounting in ceilings, walls, tables and stages, the C562 CM is characterised by 'excellent clarity and a consistent pickup anywhere around' the microphone, styled by AKG as the 'Invisible ear' for recording, courtroom, surveillance and security applications and a 'perfect tool for surveillance or live recording'.

It has a hemi-spherical polar pattern for 'clear, intelligible pickup of speech'. 'high sensitivity for a great pickup area' and a 'low-profile cylindrical design perfect for wall or tabletop installation'.

Note that since this microphone has a hemi-spherical pattern, it receives sound at an equal level from all directions except through the base of the plate. As a result it could be very useful for a round-table discussion or mounted on a wall, but in neither of these cases if it is feeding a loudspeaker which is within the range of that hemisphere.

The microphone is meant to be mounted through a sheet of material or a plate. A 3mm thick, 20mm diameter, bevelled disc sits on the surface of the plate, showing only four drilled holes in the matt nickel-plated surface.

Behind this, a threaded cylinder fits through a 12.5mm hole in the plate, held in position by a milled nut. The cylinder is 25mm in length, and contains the electret capsule and a cable grip for the captive cable which exits from the cylinder at the rear.

This cable is 500mm long, terminated with a two pole miniature jack plug, which is small enough to go through the mounting hole. The plug mates with a cable socket with 500mm of cable, connected to an extended-length XLR connector containing a phantom power adapter.

Output connector: 3-pin, male XLR. Applications: Recording, courtroom, surveillance and security applications. Response: 20Hz-20kHz. Sensitivity: 25mV/Pa. Phantom power: 9-52V DC. Dimensions: 3 x 20(depth x diameter) mm plate;.25 x 12(depth x diameter) mm rear cylinder. Weight: 30g without cable.

Weight (kg): +/-  0.319
Dimensions (cm): 17x13x6

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AKG - C 562 - Boundary Layer Microphone (No.2)

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